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What to do now
While writing this article for a local underground newsletter, I thought of tacking it on to Then it asked me for a topic and a choice was on the road, at the end of this column you will see how fitting that is. I am mid-twenties, been touring the last few years, I work as a songwriter, I sing, I play keyboards and I've been making a living at this for some time now. Not too long ago I hit a rough patch and had to sell off everything to keep the dream alive, which I did.
I was then hired by a band run by imbeciles and liars and soon found myself at home, gig-less. Not entirely gig-less, I have plenty of opportunities to play, I do the Billy Joel/Elton John piano bar skit which is quite lucrative across the country. The problem is since being fired without notice from my last band, I am without vehicle, without savings, without adequate gear (all of which was to be purchased upon my completion of the tour I was leaving for the day I got fired). So what do I do now? Do I book the gigs and use that as bargaining power for loans (I've been a pro-musician all my life, I have no credit). Or do I get a real job to save the money to get the van I would need to haul a PA and gear. Or do I steal one? Just kidding, but seriously, this is a common crossroads for most professional musicians. Where do you turn to, when resources run out? Who believes in the art anymore? Who wants to give me a van that runs?

This is life as a professional musician sometimes, and I love it.

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