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The New Radio - By Butch Berry
It used to be you could turn on the radio and that's where you would find out what's new and find something you like. Since they are playing the same 10 crappy songs over and over it seems like it is no longer a feasible way to find these things out.

Where is an avid music listener to go? The internet. Grant it, this is a solution that only those with the time can do, but I guarantee it is well worth it. What I began to do is participate in music forums of music genres I liked. I would talk to people who liked the same type of music as I did they would make recommendations. I took those recommendations and looked up the bands on the internet and listened to their MP3's or snippets of songs. Most bands these days have a website or a place where they house their music like or I also just go to these websites like CDBABY or MP3 and search for music in my preferred genre.

The end result is I end up finding more music that is independent that I like better than what the radio is putting out for the major labels. If this band turns out to be local, now I can see one of my favorite bands more often than once a year and for lower prices than major label band shows. If this isn't a local band, now I bring out more people to the bands shows when they end up touring. I put money in the independent bands pockets and I'm happier because I now have music that I like to listen to. I can also be closer to the band because they are more likely to answer email from me and sometimes the band participates in a forum on their website where you can get comments back from them. Also, when the band comes to play it will be more likely to be able to talk to and hang out with the band. What's better than that for your favorite bands? That's a dream for some people. All the way around everyone's happy except the major labels. I think everyone is ok with that.

Butch Berry is a professional singer/songwriter/guitarist for the power pop band Butch Berry Band (

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