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The Code to Helping Artists - By Glenn R. Horton
This simply written code is a highly practical guide to assisting artists and enhancing culture. It is for use by anyone who recognizes the power of art and artists to uplift society and add more beauty and spirit to the world.

1) Look for, discover and admire the highest qualities and most noble aspirations of artists and creative individuals.

2) Befriend and respect artists and any who share the creative spirit as talented and capable teammates in creative pursuits as well as life.
3) Understand, herald and energize artists as leaders who are the visionaries and architects of a new civilization.

4) Protect and defend artists from any unnecessary criticism, harm or destruction.

5) Recognize and acknowledge the efforts of artists, and encourage them to develop stellar works of art that add beauty, insight and inspiration to the world.

6) Assist and embolden artists to establish effective communication lines and organizational skills, and to acquire greater exchange for their art, including money and admiration, as well as the time and freedom to create.

7) Encourage and empower creative spirits to set a bright example for their audiences, fellow artists and fellow men, not only through their artistic works, but also in the way they live their lives.

8) Appreciate, respect and delight in artists who are successful in art, life and service to others and whose art inspires a higher culture and a more enlightened civilization.

By Glenn R. Horton
Founder of Artists Helping Artists (AHA!) and Publisher of The Creative Line Magazine

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