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Playing the Blues for a living
Im going to tackle the issue of playing blues for a living, based on my 36 years of experience of playing music.When I first started playing guitar in the 60,s I had no idea that i would end up playing & loving the blues.Born & raised in chicago it was all around me.The only regret i have is i could have walked into any blues juke joint & seen Muddy Waters live, & i did,nt I was playing with a funk & fusion band after graduation from Grambling University, & we moved to Baton Rouge, That I met Phil Guy (Buddy,s younger brother), he hooked me up when i came back to Chi-town.I,ve been playig the blues & Living the blues since then. I will share my expertise in making money playig blues.
The first bit of advice for all you aspiring blues- heads is, you gotta love what your doing. cause lucrative, it aint.Go back to the old blues masters & get your own style. Go to all the blues- jams in your city.Try to get along, guitar players are quite competitive. If you live in a small town, go to the city,Blues is spoken in the city.Attitude, humility, dependabilty,great equipment, &phone biz cards & good ears .You my friend will be at least on your way ,Please dont quit your day job, unless you get a gig with BB. or Buddy Guy Robert Cray etc. MORE INFO WHEN I,M FEELIN IT. Just droppin some blues science your way...

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