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How will the attack on the United States affect the music industry? - By: Doc Spagna
The events of September 11, 2001 shook our entire nation to its very core. Thousands of lives were lost and billions of dollars in property damage was done. The world has suddenly changed again much like it did when Pearl Harbor was attacked or when American involvement in Viet Nam began.

Now that the dust has begun to settle and the greif stricken populace has begaun to pick up the peices we are starting to see what some of the residual effects may be our economy, in fact the world economy.

The New York Stock Exchange has been closed for several days as well as some of the major corporations in America. We've been hearing a lot about them on the news but what will be the effect on the entertainment industry, particularly the music industry?

We have already seen some of these changes begin to take shape. For instance, the much anticipated Spiderman movie which was due to be released soon, is going to be re-edited before release. A scene involving a helicopter caught in a giant web between the World Trade Center towers in New York is to be removed. I have personally already seen this scene in a theatrical trailer.

But what about the music industry? There are many things to taken into account as far as the immediate future of live performances and CD sales are concerned. First of all, the touring musician. As I'm sure many of you have already heard, Janet Jackson has already canclled a show twice in Florida as have numerous other big name artists around the world not to mention the great number of lesser know independant artists who were undoubtedly affected by the attacks. Also, there are security issues. Speaking as not only a musician but also and experienced bodyguard/security consultant, I can tell you that air travel has become a whole new hazzard for performing artists, whether they are on tour or travelling for meetings or vacations.

Tightened security will undoubtedly put delays on flights which will in turn cause the delay or ancellation of many shows. Cancellation of shows not only affects ticket sales but CD and concert memorabilia sales as well. If you're not touring, you're not promoting you're new CD.

Then there is the problem a recession. We have not yet seen any noticible economic changes but it is still early. With the threat of war always comes the threat of a recession. Recession means a drop in ticket and CD sales and also possible an increase in touring expenses. Food, fuel, and lodging costs could increase drastically causing a decrease in profit margins. Coupled with a recession and the threat of more terrorist attacks security costs will definitely

go sky high as will the risk to celbrities' personal security. The possibility of being kidnapped or attacked is always present for major celebrities but the risk is far greater under the present circumstances.

I don't want to alarm anyone but these are some things that now have to be taken into consideration and as always it is better to be safe than sorry. We may not have to worry about most of these things but personally I would avoid any overseas touring until things are again under control. We truly do live in the greatest nation on earth and we will prevail, but we will do so by being smart and by being careful.

Doc Spagna

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