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Inspired Songwriting Tips - By Yuri Nikitin
Here are some exact examples of what you can do to set a song together.

You can get inspired by a number of methods such as:

1. A chord progression
2. A cool riff
3. A lead melody

One of the things you require to do is generate a part that compliments your original idea such as adding a melody to a chord progression or adding up a chord progression to a melody.

Say you have a chord progression you truly like.

To make your musical painting, you have toknow theoretically what key you're in. If you're weak on modal theory, but familiar with a scale or neck pattern that sounds fine against your chord progression, employ what you know to create a melody over it.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to find a multitrack recorder and record your chord progression on one track. Play it over and over a lot of times.

When you play it back, work out your melody on another track. As you're working on a melody line, try to take note for cool harmony among your melody and chord progression. If only one exacting note sounds totally great against one of the chords, go with it and start building around that great relationship.

Now, if you're notes are all correct but you can't seem to come up with something you like, it may be time to inject a new technique to spice things up a bit.

Let's say you recognize the chords and you know the notes. Try looking at the notes in a whole new way such as:

1. Arpeggios. (The notes of the chords)
2. Skipping strings for wider note intervals.
3. Right hand tapping.
4. Whammy bar effects.
5. Pinching harmonics...

One of the biggest problems is not being able to decide for if something was good or not. If you have this trouble too, get someone else's opinion. If possible someone who can suggest helpful insight.

If you can't find someone to critique your tune, you MUST decide for yourself and move on...otherwise you'll never get your tune finished.

Yuri Nikitin ? guitar instructor, music writer and webmaster at

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