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Ventilator Records: "We want to stay Indy and invade every iPOD in the world!"
Started by a few people addicted to music who met on the net and clicked musically."We want to stay independent and reach people by mainly using the web".
What it took to start was true passion for songwriters
looking & seeking to share and collaborate and control their own
creativity.We just kept doing it and having live real-time concerts on
various net voice chats.
Ventilator is a label where people met
in Live! music chat rooms and then actually wrote, recorded and mixed songs
right over the net in the last 3 years.Since Napster and RIAA (and it still
goes on...yawn!!!)) since the digital blowup. Real songwriters who
beneath the earth's surace and through the light speed of fiber optic lines globally connect 24-7-365.
People who make music and formed real relationships and start and control their own music communities...It's so amazing and so awesome!

All the while...
all of these horrific sounds and silly in and out acts continue to flow from
the main stream.We are pioneers to a revolution.
We want to stay Indy and invade every iPOD in the world!

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