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Some FREE promotion if you have formed a label
Everyone is hunting for those ways to get added free promotion, it all counts! have a very neat little system called ReleaseBox for helping label promote new releases across the Internet. They are used by hundreds of labels across the world from the smallest one-man band label to the largest majors.

All a label needs to do in order to get their 'new release' details displayed on hundreds of specialist music sites is submit the details through one page on their website ( The information from all the labels is sorted into genre and syndicated out to sites like (look for the 'new release' sections),,,,,,,, and etc. (over 3000 registered).

If you want to be one of the websites displaying a list of automatically updated 'new release' (ReleaseBox) specific to your chosen genres, you can easily get the 'copy and paste' html code from the website (, just sign up as a webmaster.

YourRelease also have a database of around 120,000 music fans who subscribe to genre specific music alerts by email and text message. Record labels can pay to send alerts to these subscribers in order to promote new releases and draw traffic to their websites. They also have a range of other paid-for promotional services listed on the Launchpad page (

Hope this helps.

Pete Lockett

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