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Promotional Phone Cards Target the Music Industry
For more information, please contact:
Xavier D. Grimes at
79 Pine Tree Circle
Decatur, GA 30032

GRIMES1, Inc., Atlanta Georgia - an authorized phone card distributor has announced to introduce its customized promotional phone cards to the music industry. Customize promotional phone cards can be customized with virtually any picture, logo, or thing, and makes an excellent premium item. The unique promotional tool is a miniature billboard with universal appeal that any music fan would cherish.

The customized promotional phone cards are designed in house and finished in full color printing. The phone cards are created with complete fulfillment from concept to finished product-that varies from 5 to 60 minute increments with orders from 1 to 1 million cards. A free 15 second voice greeting can be included for orders over 500 cards, which will play every time the cardholder uses the card. GRIMES1 customized promotional phone cards are highly effective for radio and street promotions, release parties, press kits, concerts, special events, in store appearances, and giveaways.

It is so difficult to find a promotional tool to giveaway that fans will find useful-something one can be amused by and keep as a collectable item. For record companies or artists looking for new avenues to explore in promotions, a visit to customized promotional phone cards provides just that! Antonio Smith, co-founder of MASS Entertainment Group, an independent record label in Chamblee Georgia says, "Often times record companies will promote an artist or project with promotional tools that doesn't make an everlasting impact, which are often disposed. However, I've found that the customized promotional phone cards are something that our target audience finds more useful than a flyer, sticker, poster, flat, or t-shirt. The phone cards are very appealing because everyone loves free phone time. It's a remarkable tool."

Xavier Grimes, founder of GRIMES1, Inc has strived to introduce customized promotional phone cards to the music industry for over four years. He has done street promotions and has noticed how often some promotional items get disregarded or disposed of. Grimes1, Inc was established in 1999 and is located in Decatur, Georgia. Request for additional information are welcomed: or

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