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New CD & Poetry book to Benefit RAINN, National Rape & Abuse Crisis Hotline
For Immediate Release

CONTACT: Raven Oak
Shaded Tree Music & Publication
PO Box 441
Denton, TX 76202
Tel: 214-476-7880

CD & Poetry Book to Raise Awareness

DENTON, TX. This is the beginning of a new and eventful year--especially for author and musician Raven Oak. In between being both student and teacher, Raven Oak has been busy raising awareness for rape and abuse. Her new CD, an eclectic mix of classical piano and hurricane force emotions, donates to the only national hotline for rape and abuse victims, RAINN. The CD, Walls, Boxes, & Jars, was recorded and produced in the studios of Shaded Tree Music, Ms. Oak's own studio.
The CD, written as a protest to the constraints of music school, breaks the mold of what "piano" music is supposed to be. Everything from the lightest touch to the harsh sound of an angry player can be heard on the album.

This victim turned survivor has been a long time supporter of RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. After receiving many e-mails from people who stumbled across her webpage of poetry and music, Raven Oak felt she needed to break not only the chains placed around her by others, but those placed around her by herself.

"Breaking the chains that are often forced upon music students wasn't easy, especially when you are using music to do it. I hoped one freedom could lead to another--the freedom from the guilt associated with being a survivor. People are often silent about rape and abuse. They think that if they ignore it, it will go away. Unfortunately, hiding from yourself means you aren't living. When you lock yourself up, you often end up accidentally swallowing the key."

During her seven year struggle to gain back her life, Raven Oak wrote hundreds of pages of poetry in an attempt to silently voice what she could not say. "Writing poetry was a way to say what I couldn't say to others. It gave me the freedom to be in control when I was spinning out of control." When Ms. Oak got a particular email, one where a fan confronted her abusive father after reading about Ms. Oak's own struggle, Ms. Oak finally saw what so many had already seen.

The poetry book, fading, was a journey through a seven year fight with depression, guilt, loss, and suicide. The book is a trip from victim to survivor, a path from death to life.

"I feel that the only way to break the chain of violence that seems to be prevalent in the world right now is through openly talking about that which is tucked away and hidden in the skeleton closet. The idea of a 'woman's shame' in rape and abuse hasn't gone away. This idea of keeping everything hidden, especially from the outside world, is alive and well in society. The concept of airing dirty laundry is one from the lips of those I thought close to me, which really surprised me. I thought we were really moving forward but I think in unlocking the silence, I can be one more voice that is heard. One more not ignored. Ignorance often stems from ignoring that which you fear most and in donating to RAINN, I feel I can stop the cycle."

Raven Oak's book and CD have been reviewed by The Denton Chronicle and the hit female magazine Purple Tights, as well as discussed in both the Men Can Stop Rape Newsletter and RAINN's own newsletter, RAINNews. (All reviews are on the website.) Both the book and CD, which both donate to RAINN, are available on Raven Oak's website.

For more information, interviews, CD or book for reviews, etc., please contact Shaded Tree Music & Publication via email or snail mail, or visit the Raven Oak website at:

Help Unlock the Silence.

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