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Dramatically Increase your Bands Internet Visibility
Swirl guitarist Duane Jones has teamed up with "Instant Internet Empires" owner Frank Kern and internet millionaire Shawn Casey. Together they are making available the extremely effective downloadable ebook 'Black Belt Web Marketing'.
In it you will learn proven strategies you can use to promote your band to the nearly 200 million people currently on the internet worldwide. By 2005 that number is expected to be closer to 400 million. Independent bands stop thinking locally and start thinking globally.
The bigger bands have teams assembled to make sure they have maximum exposure.
Find out proven ways to potentially attract millions of people to your site. Inexpensive, limited time offer. Money Back Guarantee if not satisfied.
Go to...
For information on other ebooks available contact Duane Jones at

Hello all at Galaris,
Please consider taking the time to look into this inexpensive garanteed offer. I really do think the information in this ebook is exceptional for any band.
This ebook is one in a series I`m making available at
Feel free to check out the site as Scott Covert at and Kris Stringham at have given it high praise after their success.

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