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Call To Arts! Expo, Conference & Festival
For Immediate Release                                  
Contact: Kathi Nolls
818) 897-3130


By Jeremy Flame

Music Connection Magazine, Sam Ash Music, Sennheiser USA, Songwriters Guild of America, AKG, Los Angeles SongNet, KJAZZ Radio 88.1, Film Actors Boot Camp, Valley Artists Guild, The Creative Line Magazine, Really Spontaneous Theatre Company, Y3K Global Entertainment and Marketing,  Disc Makers, California Poets in Schools, Arts in Education Aid Council, Los Angeles Woman in Music and scores of other arts and music organizations from Southern California and across America are joining forces with thousands of musicians, fine artists and lovers of the arts to MAKE CONNECTIONS….MAKE A DIFFERENCE. It’s all part of the Call to Arts! Expo, Conference and Festival that takes place at Cal State Northridge on Saturday, April 19th from 10 am to 8 pm.
The Call to Arts!

“Artists and creative persons everywhere are called to connect with other artists, arts-oriented projects, creative activities and important cultural causes that are of benefit to society,” says Kathi Nolls, Editor of The Creative Line magazine, one of the sponsoring organizations.   “This is positive non-divisive endeavor to encourage artists to use their creative talents and abilities to fashion artistic forms, beauty and a sense of harmony in the world,” Nolls says reading from the Call to Arts! issued byArtists Helping Artists (AHA!) the LA based nonprofit presenting the festival with The Creative Line.    

“We know that these are trying times forAmericans and those across the world. Our purposes are to simply encourage artists and creative visionaries to do what they do best – to add more beauty and inspiration to the world.”  Nolls continues, “This is an activity that all community members, including arts lovers and artists, can appreciate and benefit from.

Arts and Music Conference and Exhibits

The event includes 12 music and arts educational panels involving many grassroots leaders and industry professionals that regularly provide services and assistance to new or emerging artists. Some arts leaders appearing at the April 19th expo include Tess Taylor, Founder of Los Angeles Music Network (LAMN), Earl Sherburn, President of The Cultural Connection, Randy Sharp multiple #1 Hit songwriter and Abraham Tetabaum, Director of Enrichment Works a provider of educational arts programs in the Valley.

Other notables appearing at the expo are Harriet Schock highly regarded Los Angeles based songwriting instructor who penned the Grammy-nominated song “Ain’t No Way To Treat Lady” (a big hit for Helen Reddy) and Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island) who arrives with the Film Actors Boot Camp.    Says Schock, “I see this Call to Arts as an opportunity for local musicians and artists of various types to connect up with the people and organizations they feel can best assist them in the pursuit of their artistic objectives.  And visa versa, the arts organizations and entertainment industry runs directly on the fuel that is, in fact, the passions and talents of the individual artist.”        

Stages, Exhibits, Panels and More!   

In addition to the educational panels, the event will include hundreds of fine arts and song / music exhibits, 3 music stages for top musical acts, poets and other art forms.   The general festival section will be FREE to any arts lover and the general public.   The festival takes place at the facilities of the University Student Union at Cal State Northridge (CSUN) on April 19 from10 am to 8 pm.  The conference section and 12 educational panels will be available to artists, those working in thearts or anyone for $55 up until the 15th of April. ($75 at the door.)
For more information on the expo go to, or e-mail or call (818) 897-3130.      

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