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YAYA DIALLO - Classic West African Music
YAYA DIALLO'S classic instrumental album “Nangapè” of West African drumming, balafon and flute music is reissued on CD in 2002 on the Onzou Records label.

This is Yaya Diallo's 1980 debut album that continues to bring international recognition to his work as master drummer, musician, teacher, author, composer, dancer, healer, lecturer, storyteller and "Healing Drum Tour" guide to Mali, West Africa.

Yaya Diallo, a native of Mali, West Africa and major custodian of West African music and culture shares a diverse range of music on Onzou Records:

”Nangapè” combines personal expression with traditional forms.

”Dounoukan” offers insight into the village music at the heart of African society.

”Live at Club Soda” bridges traditional and popular music in a new genre of music emerging in Mali known as KANZA. On the “LIve at Club Soda” album Yaya Diallo transposes the music to Occidental instruments including saxophone, violin, bass and electric guitars, drumset and voice as well as traditional drums.

“Nangapè,” as well as other albums by Yaya Diallo on the Onzou Records label can be listened to on New Music Canada,

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Onzou Records collaborates with Yaya Diallo to produce his music and shares his goals of creating traditional African healing centers to transmit the music, culture and knowledge of his heritage to future generations.

Stephen Conroy, Producer
Yaya Diallo's West African Music
Onou Records,

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