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Musician Selected By "Staples" As A Top Ten Finalist For "Inventor Of The Year.
After getting frustrated with carrying sheet music around Scott Clark created
a product called the Notebook Binder Clip. It was a devise that would hold sheet music in a notebook without damaging
it. What Scott didn't know was that he had just created a product that the business world also needed to manage and store reports and other important documents in a binder, while eliminating the need to punch holes in reports.

In April of 2005, Staples, the office supply store, launched a contest called "Invention Quest". The contest was featured in an episode of "The Apprentice".

People across America were invited to submit an idea for a new office product through in the hopes of having Staples mass produce and distribute it worldwide.

Out of almost 14,000 entries, Staples selected 30 inventors and flew them to Staples Headquarters to present their products in person. Afterwards, Staples selected the top 10 finalists.

Scott Clark, from Hamilton, NJ soon discovered that he had made it into the elite group of top ten finalists.

The final step of this contest is online voting where from August 10th through August 24th, the public gets to decide who is worthy of "Invention Of The Year". The link to vote is

Scott's product is called the "Notebook Binder
". It was created after Scott got frustrated with carrying sheet music around. After thinking there should be a better way, Scott designed a large 10 inch long binder clip that had rings on the back so he could cliphis sheet music together and then attach the long binder clip to the rings in a 3 ringed notebook.

Clark stated: "When I heard of the Staples contest, I submitted it as an office product that could store reports, forms and other types of paper without damaging them or having to use a hole punch.

I always thought the "Notebook Binder Clip" was an amazing little invention. I applied for the patent but after that, I never had the resources nor the capital to take it to market. Staples has provided me with a wonderful opportunity. It's not every day you get invited to show your product to the actual decision makers of a company that had over 14 billion in revenue in 2004".

After preparing his product to present to the Staples judges, Scott found that not only did his "Notebook Binder Clip" solve his original problem, it also created a solution for storing other documents such as legal documents, court papers, maps, insurance and tax forms, manuscripts, unbound material such as theses or dissertations, photos and other types of documents that are not meant to be hole punched.

The "Notebook Binder Clip" makes grouping
together various types of paperwork easy as well. For example, in real estate people could clip and group together appraisals, title work, bank papers, contracts, etc. in one clip and store them nicely in a notebook.

It also serves to hold and organize smaller pieces of paper such as daily receipts, undersized invoices, memos, work orders, canceled checks and even coupons.

"The more that I look at my invention from the eyes of other people, and their needs, the more I realize that I have something special ". Clark said.

Now it is up to the public to vote and decide if Scott Clark's invention is worthy of being named "Staples Invention of the Year". Between August 10th and August 24th, 2005, the public can go to and vote for Scott's "Notebook Binder Clip ".

Scott ended by saying: "This whole process has been an amazing experience. Hopefully, I can get the music industry to rally behind me and vote for my product. It will be a life changing event if my product is chosen as TheInvention of the Year and produced and distributed in all of Staples Office Stores. It will also be great if the music community can say that it's home to the person that won the "Staples Invention of the Year" contest by creating something for musicians that can also be used in the business world.


It's important to point out that a family can vote with multiple email addresses. In other words if everyone in your family has their own email address then everyone in your family can vote everyday from the same computer.

Voting only takes a few seconds and it could mean the birth of a new product that will make the life much easier for the music and business world.

Just go to and vote for Scott Clark and his "Notebook Binder Clip". You can vote everyday, so as musicians, let's get behind one of our own and help Scott win the title of Staples Inventor of the Year.

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