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"Phrygian Istikhbar" New CD of Acoustic Tunisian Jazz by pianist Wajdi Cherif
This CD was described as "an interesting innovation on the artistic and cultural scene in our region" in the Tunisian newspaper TUNIS HEBDO. It features a unique and contemporary blend of jazz, Arabic and Tunisian rhythms and sounds by one of the finest pianists on the Tunisian musical stage...
"PHRYGIAN ISTIKHBAR" is an Acoustic Tunisan Jazz album recorded in Paris in autumn 2002 and released in Tunis in june 2003 by WECH records. It features compositions of pianist Wajdi Cherif Which are a mixture of jazz, traditional Tunisian music called "Malouf", and other folkloric musical traditions and rhythms. You can hear also arabic percussions such as "Darbouka" or "Bendir" played by the distinguished Tunisian percussion player "Habib Samandi" on "El Gasba" or "Phrygian Istikhbar" which is also the title of the CD. "Voyage", the opening tilte begins with a very soulful introduction played piano solo on arabic modes and scales, soon followed by the melody that leads to the masterful improvisations of percussion player Habib Samandi. "Blurred Vision" presents a bass solo by Diego Imbert that goes in perfect harmony with the fantastic arabic rhythm played by Habib. Jeff boudreau displays advanced drum skills during a solo on "Waiting For Paris". Check out this new release at or


Wajdi Cherif: Piano, Composition, Arrangements.
Habib Samandi: Tunisian Percussion (Derbouka, Bendir).
Jeff Boudreau: Drums.
Diègo Imbert: Double Bass.


"An interesting innovation on the musical and artistic scene in our region"
"Each composition is opened with a typical tunisian musical style or sound but moves gradually to harmonies charged with the imagination and the [musical] sensitivity of [pianist] wajdi cherif."

TUNIS HEBDO (June 2003,

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