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How to Write a Music-Related Press Release - by Christopher Knab
When To Write Press Releases

* Concert/Show and or Tour information
* Record, Publishing, Merchandising Deal Announcements
* Band Personnel Changes/Additions
* CD, Tape, and Video Release Information
* Promotional Events/Marketing Plans/Misc. Announcements

What The Print and Broadcast Media Need

* News or announcements related to their target audience
* Deadlines met for calendars and event listings
* Event or information in proximity to their coverage area

Layout and Essential Information

* Double space all content
* The phrase "For Immediate Release" centered near top 1/3 or page
* Date press release is sent out
* Contact information: Person media can call for more information with phone number and fax number
* Printed on company or artist/band stationary with full address info
* 1 to 1 1/2 pages long (unless for major event or project)
* End with the marks ### centered at end of the body

The Press Release Structure

The Slug Line (Headline)

* Short, but attention-getting headline phrase
* A hint of the purpose or topic to be presented

The Lead Paragraph

* Should include the 5 W's and the H (if needed):

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

* Summation of the basic topic/information
* Begin with the most important part of the information
* Who is in the beginning sentence, followed by Where and When
* Why, What, and How follow in the next few sentences
* No unnecessary details should be included in the lead paragraph

The Body

* Elaboration on the theme or purpose of the press release
* One thought, one paragraph. Cohesive, single ideas in each paragraph
* Write information in descending order of importance
* Keep information factual. Opinions only in quotes with proper credit
* Use simple sentences (Subject - Object -Verb) and avoid too much hype
* Ending option: Recap essential information from first paragraph
* Proofread several times for spelling, and/or grammatical errors

Christopher Knab, Music Business Consultant

for Effective Product Development / Promotion / Publicity / Performance.

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