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Musicians’ Health & Nutrition - Antioxidants - By S.Uri
I believe that as a group, musicians are not much different in health and nutrition attributes than others in the same society and environment. However, they may be less informed and may experience more pollutant environments.

Did you know that every hour 150 new people are diagnosed in the USA with Cancer? There are other illnesses that are not fatal but can drive you out of your music profession such as Tinnitus. If you wish a long-term success, you should learn more about the links between your profession and your body, to avoid unnecessary hazards.
The cause of many illnesses is the outside environment whether a virus or a chemical pollutant. The healing is a process done best by our immune system; however, sometimes the task is too big for it to be effective since at the same time it has to fight too many battles.

I assert that actually we cannot avoid malnutrition, contaminations, pollution, viruses, bacteria, chemically processed food, genetically changed food, antibiotic loaded meat, poisoned salmon from fish farms, poisonous gases from cars and industry, chemically treated drinking water, x-ray exposure, “protecting” skin creams and lotions that contain carcinogens, not enough sun exposure for the right production of vitamin D, and the list is still long.

Fortunately, as a society, we were wise enough to omit Lead from paints and gasoline, to decrease the use of cigarettes, to abolish asbestos, to decrease water and ground contamination, and a few other good deeds to avoid those poisons that were proved to cause terminal illnesses (and you know how it was proved – by hundreds of thousands dead people, and not without a fight against commercial interests).

And there are other “mysterious” diseases, such as Alzheimer. Why has it grown 9 times in the last 15 years? No one knows. It is affecting now 4.5 millions in the USA. It is definitely known that traces of Aluminum were found in the brains of those ill with Alzheimer.
With all these environmental mines, will our body be able to fight new viruses and new bacteria that no antibiotic can kill? My aim here is to educate you of the danger, and to convince you that you, as individuals, must do all you can to protect yourself (without going into a monastery in Tibet…).

The number one protection is Anti-Oxidants. These are natural extracts that fight well free radicals, (caused by pollutants in our body), and get rid of oxidized material. The best and widely recognized ones are: Vitamins C and E, Selenium, and extracts of blueberry, pine bark and red grapes.

These natural extracts are best absorbed into our body as an isotonic drink, first thing in the morning, 20 minutes before you eat anything else – then it passes through directly to the small intestine where it will have 90% absorption into the blood and body fluids, without deterioration by the stomach acids. If you are ready to do only ONE thing to improve your wellbeing, I suggest you try OPC3 for 2 months. It will improve your physical condition like nothing else.
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