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The Live Performance Business Players - by Christopher Knab
Booking Agents

* Secure gigs for artist and work with the artist directly or through their management.
* Establish contacts with Promoters and Venue Operators.
* Send Press Releases to Print Media, Radio, and TV
* and to Industry Trades like Pollstar, Performance, and Billboard.
* Receive 15%-20% of Artist's Performance fee
* Track competition within genre of each artist they represent.
* Work with Record Label contacts to coordinate tours.


* Purchase acts directly from Booking Agents. Responsible for promoting and publicizing shows at a live venue, and receives a negotiated fee.
* Send Press Releases to all the Media
* n surrounding area of show.
* Print up Posters and Flyers for the show, and distribute them throughout the surrounding area.
* May work with Retail Stores for co-sponsorships or for public relation activities.
* Help Create a 'Word of Mouth' buzz in the community for the show.
* Contact Record Labels for promotional materials.
* May provide food and beverages for show, as well as security, sound and lights.

Venue Operators

* Provide space for live performance
* Charge fee based on size and accommodations available to the artist.
* At smaller venues may take a percentage of the box office ticket sales.
* At larger venues provide security, merchandising space, box office, stagehands, sound and lights, and refreshment outlets.
* Take out ads in misc. newspapers and magazines for show.
* Provide additional promotion and publicity assistance to Promoters.

Christopher Knab, Music Business Consultant
for Effective Product Development / Promotion / Publicity / Performance.

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