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Stop Looking For Excuses For Your Music Career - by Tim Sweeney
In almost every conversation that I have with an artist, they start giving me excuses why their music career isn’t farther along. “I didn’t have enough time to promote the last show the way I wanted so we didn’t have as many people.” “I don’t have enough money to make CDs or CD samplers.” “The rest of the people in my band won’t do the work.” Any of these sound familiar? Maybe all of them. Are there more you can add?

By human nature we love to come up with excuses as to why we didn’t do what we should have. Whether its the fear of “doing something wrong” we have carried with us since we were kids or the “fear of success” that we if do something right, it will it change everything. The long and the short of it is that you have to make a conscience effort to stop making excuses about why you are not doing something to help your music career succeed.

The first way to do this is to stop blaming other people or “things” in your life. For example, in last month’s article I told you the story of the guy who blamed the decline in his business on George Bush, a recession the media says we are having, people not spending as much money, etc. Instead of trying to think of new ways to do business to draw more attention to himself and his products, he found it easier to turn on the TV or look in the newspaper and find “the excuse for the day.”

The second way is to look in the mirror and recognize that there is only one person who is to blame about why your music career is not your only job and sole focus in your life. It is time to realize that your lack of success is directly related to your lack of belief in yourself and your music.

You don’t need radio airplay, press coverage, distribution or the biggest venues to play in to sell your CDs. Think about it. Do you need all of that to sell your CD to all of the people you know? The person next door? The people on your street? In your town?

You need to communicate who you are as an artist, what your music is about and how it is valuable to them. But that takes a belief in yourself and your music to do that.

The problems you currently have in your music career and will have in the future can all be solved. It won’t be easy and it will take time and hard work to accomplish what you want. But if your music is actually important to you, why wouldn’t you put in the time, effort and money you need to succeed? Try investing in yourself instead of excuses!

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Tim Sweeney

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