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Invest In Yourself Before Asking Others To Invest In You - by Tim Sweeney
One question that always comes up at Music Strategies ( that we always discuss in-depth is how and when to approach investors. For decades, artists have approached investors the wrong way.

Usually when a demo is done, an artist will approach a potential investor with a copy of their music and business plan that is not based upon Market By Market research but by using general statics of the music industry and CD sales. Because of this, the artists either get a “no” response or a limited amount of money that really doesn’t help them accomplish what they need to.

Before you go chasing after an investor follow this advice. Record and release your own CD instead of merely making a 3 or 4 song demo. Forego sending it to A&R at every major and independent label you can find (whether they handle your style of music or not) begging for their attention and a deal.

Understand that they are looking for artists with initiative. The Vice Presidents of Marketing at these labels (the person who controls the promotion and marketing of all releases) love artists that can help themselves and with their campaign. All major label executives love artists that have a sales history and so do investors!

Investors prefer to fund artists that are showing consistent CD sales and have built a sales history before contacting them.

Promote your CD and play shows before looking for someone to promote your music. Push yourself and make the contacts. Most of the people you are trying to get to help you can’t promote your music as well as you can.

So the moral of the story is, invest in yourself before asking others to. Think of it this way, what are you saying about yourself and your music if you can’t invest in yourself.

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Tim Sweeney

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