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Insiders Guide to Succeeding in the Competitive Music Industry
How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry
Offers Insiders Guide to Succeeding in Competitive Field

BOSTON, MA, Monday, April 23, 2002 Its a fact that more than 2/3 of all jobs in the music and recording industry are never advertised. And for each position, theres usually a long line of candidates, many willing to work for free. If thats the case, how does one go about differentiating ones self, actually securing a job in this highly competitive field?
Berklee Press announces a new book, aptly titled How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry, in which industry veteran, Keith Hatschek, shares a nuts-and-bolts approach that will greatly improve the odds of landing a prized industry position for readers using the techniques explained in the book.

So much of the emphasis in music and recording schools is on mastering an instrument or the technologies, that little, if any time is spent preparing for the inevitable, and often dreaded, search for employment, states author Keith Hatschek. Using the methods in this book, Hatschek continues, someone with the necessary determination can develop a successful plan to get started in the business.
Hatschek is no stranger to teaching others about music business careers. Over the past six years, his career development class at San Francisco State University has been one of the schools most popular offerings. Combining that curriculum with Hatscheks 25-plus years industry experience, How To Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry introduces readers to the vast array of career options from Foley artist to composer for video games.
The book includes a foreword by MCA Records Nashville president, Tony Brown, as well as chapters covering resume development, how to build your music business network, research tips, advice on how to land a profitable internship, interviewing drills and up-to-date information on careers in new media.
In keeping with Berklees position as a worldwide educational leader, How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry fills a gap in the career development toolkit music industry hopefuls have faced, says Berklee Press Director, David Kusek. This book, when paired with Peter Spellmans recently published The Self-Promoting Musician, provides a perfect 1-2 punch to empower and educate anyone seeking a long and successful career in the music industry\
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by Keith Hatschek
$24.95 (US), trim size - 6 9, soft cover
ISBN 0-634-01868-X
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