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Recording Drums (part 1) - Snare by Jerry Finn - producer/engineer (Greenday, Blink-182, Sum41)
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Over the years, Iíve used many different mics and techniques on the drums. On my most recent recording, I found that the following combination gave me the best sounding results for the snare drum. I used a large diaphragm condenser on the top head and a dynamic microphone on the bottom. After trying many mics, I found that the Blue Mouse mic gave me the sound I was looking for from the top head.
It was very big sounding with a punchy low end, which meant that I didnít have to add a lot of EQ in mixdown. I used a MD441 (or SM57) on the bottom head. In mixdown, I left the top mic un-gated, but I heavily gated the bottom mic, with the release set to the tempo of the song, and sent it to the reverb.

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