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Music Reviews - Dan Stewart
A wise old preacher once remarked, "You always preach best from the overflow". The overflow he referred to is what accrues to a preacher when he spends sufficient time developing his message. The benefit falls to those who listen to what that preacher has to say. Its an “overflow’ which results in a remarkably different and noticeably superior experience for those who listen to his sermons.

Dan Stewart is not a preacher but those who listen to his music enjoy the refreshing benefits of the phenomenon of “overflow”. Stewart has spent time with good music and good musicians in topflight studios in Los Angeles and Nashville. The evidence can be heard in the excellent song selection and flawless production of his Referenda Records album “Thank You”.

Stewart knows what his message is and he knows how to deliver it. From the outspoken yet uplifting confessions of “American Flyer” to the conciliatory gratitude of the title song “Thank You” Stewart’s status as a master craftsman in the art of songwriting is obvious. Although the influence of legendary pop and country songwriters can be clearly distinguished in Stewart’s songs, they are not overbearing but provide a pleasant aural and cultural context for the album. Again they are simply part of the “overflow”.

Listen to Dan Stewart’s music at and you will not only hear the overflow effect, but you will also understand why this artist continues to rise toward national prominence in the country music industry.

Music Style And Audience

How do you classify your music?

New Country

Do you target a specific audience? If so, who?

Not really...some people who don't like Country music, respond positively to me once in awhile.

Musical Instruments - Recording - Computer Hardware - Software

What musical instruments do you play?

I've had a guitar for the last ten years, and have managed to learn three chords.

Do you record in a home studio?

I've got a few friends in town with home studios...I record rough demos here, and I head off to Nashville once in awhile to record professionally , when I come up with some great songs.

Musical Background -Influences

How did you get started playing music?

In Los Angeles about 4 years ago, I demoed a couple of songs for a great songwriter, Gary O'Conner, and was lucky to have them featured on Country radio station KZLA.

What has influenced your music the most?

I listen to a lot of different styles of music...and would love to record some new versions of some old songs.

Music And Internet Marketing

How has the Internet affected you as a musician?

I seem to spend more time sending out email links to my site...than I do writing songs. Something I plan to change this year.

When did you start marketing your music on the Internet?

When I moved to Las Vegas a few years ago...I set up a site on MP3com...and was amazed at how many people checked out the songs, and sent me emails.

What has been the most effective way to market your music on the Internet?

When I figure that out, I'll give up the day job. I've found that having songs on the Internet helps -- saves a fortune on sending out CDs. You can send a link

Musicians And The Future

What does the future hold for you?

I plan to be playing all over Las Vegas really soon. I'm not sure. But like everyone else, I hope to have a song on the charts this year. I've got a few songs now that I think might have a chance.

Finally, is there anything else you want to say about yourself?

I 'm the lead singer of a great New Country band spread out from Reno to Vegas. We're getting ready to Tour here, there, and everywhere and have some great new songs to record.

We're hoping to get someone else involved -- Investor/ partner/ manager/ for help in Recording / Touring / and Promotion of CD.

Check out the music at: Contact Dan Stewart at or (702)340-3096

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