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  • The Road To Artistic Greatness - By Chris Standring
  • Understanding where and how you fit into the marketplace -By Chris Standring
  • It's not over just because you sign a deal! - By Chris Standring
  • Get Focused! - By Chris Standring
  • What’s So Hard about Making it as a Musician? - by Christopher Knab
  • Ask yourself questions! - By Chris Standring
  • Unoriginal Music - by Christopher Knab
  • The need for approval - By Christopher Knab
  • Don't Get Discouraged - by Christopher Knab
  • How to cultivate relationships and propel your music career forward - By Chris Standring
  • Labels: Make them come to YOU! - By Chris Standring
  • Finding gigs out of town and getting booked - by Chris Standring
  • Why most demo recordings are rejected - By Christopher Knab
  • Increase your odds of getting signed by understanding more about A&R - by Bobby Borg
  • What's A Record Deal All About? - By Christopher Knab
  • Nurture Your Musical Creativity - By Jeffrey P. Fisher
  • How Major Labels and Indie Labels Work Together - By Christopher Knab
  • Label Woes: Halou - By Bobby Borg
  • The Song Seekers International Tip Sheet
  • Seeking Midwest Talent
  • How to get noticed by the Music Industry - By Banadit A&R
  • How to Look for Band Members - By Kenny Auyoung
  • The Band Dynamic - By Jerry Mathis

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